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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | September 14, 2012

Incline Village and Crystal Bay Foreclosure Update August 2012

The latest list for Incline/Crystal Bay is attached. These are the changes to the previous list dated 8/15/12. HOA defaults are shown only if there are sale dates attached. If you have any questions, please call us.

Effective October 1, 2011, AB284 of the 2011 Legislative session revised NRS 107 and now requires an Affidavit of Authority to Exercise Power of Sale to accompany Notices of Default. This legislation has limited the number of Notice of Default recordings since that date.

SOLD (Removed from list)
1513 Tirol Dr., APN 126-580-13, Rec. 8/16/12, Wells Fargo Bank c/o Recontrust Co., 400 National Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065 – Sold for $607,000
825 Southwood – Southwood Pines #9, APN 127-110-09, Rec. 8/24/12 – Sold at Trustee’s Sale for $234,000.
170 Village – McCloud #8, APN 127-072-04, Rec. 8/28/12 — Sold for $410,000.
666 Tyner, APN 125-462-03, Rec. 8/27/12 – Sold for $555,000

837 Southwood, Creekside West #4, APN 127-120-04, TS#NV09001848-12-1, NOD Rec. 8/24/12
920 Wendy #2, APN 131-410-02, TS#12-40660-WF-NV, NOD Rec. 8/14/12

423 Fairview, APN 131-221-02, TS#21988NV, NOD Rec. 5/18/12- TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON WED 9/19/12 AT 11AM
771 Randall, APN 125-253-07, TS#10-32338-WA-NV, NOD Rec. 3/30/11– TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL WED.10/17/12 AT 11AM
1314 St. Gallen Ct., APN 126-521-08, TS#09-0105113, NOD Rec. 2/25/11– TRUSTEES SALE ON 8/23/12 CANCELLED


For a complete list of distressed properties, visit us at http://www.solirealestate.com/foreclosuresandshortsales.html

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