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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | March 18, 2012

Incline Village Foreclosure Update 3/18/2012

The most recent activity in the Foreclosure Market…Not too much going on, but 456 Ponderosa Avenue scraped by on the hair of their chinny, chin, chin with a last minute sale to save that property from Foreclosure!  The silver lining…

For a complete list of foreclosures, short sales and distressed properties, click here…

SOLD (Removed from list)

456 Ponderosa, APN 123-010-07, TS#11-11206, Rec. 3/9/12– Sold for $5,875,000

801 Northwood – Incline Manor #10, APN 132-030-10, TS#NV09002968-10-1, Rec. 3/8/12 – Sold at Trustee’s Sale to third party for $102,256.00

335 Ski Way – Burgundy Hill #302, APN 126-172-05, Rec. 3/7/12, US Bank, c/o Recontrust Co., 400 National Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065 – Sold for $160,000



928 Wendy #4, APN 131-340-04, Rec. 3/5/12 – Back to beneficiary; no recorded docs yet



719 Tyner, APN 125-132-05, NOD Rec. 3/7/12

590 Lakeshore, APN 122-128-16, NOD Rec. 3/5/12



631 Village, APN 129-390-06, TS#11-03135-3 NOD Rec. 7/22/11 – TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON TUES. 4/10/12 AT 11AM

666 Tyner, APN 125-462-03, TS#146182NV, NOD Rec. 3/16/11 – TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL THURS. 4/5/12 AT 11AM

837 Southwood – Creekside West #22,  APN 127-12-022, TS#5432, NOD Rec. 1/31/11– TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON 5/23/12 AT 11AM BY HOA (Previously cancelled in error.)

501 Lakeshore – Lakeshore Terrace #6, APN 122-510-06, TS#128540NV, NOD Rec. 10/1/08 & 11/14/08  TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL FRI. 4/13/12 AT 11AM


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