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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | January 23, 2012

Incline Village/Crystal Bay Foreclosure Update

The list is dwindling.  What does this mean?  Well thanks to legislation AB284…

Assembly Bill 284 passed the Nevada State Assembly and is now headed to the Nevada State Senate. The bill, drafted by Tisha Black Chernine, Managing Partner of Black & LoBello, would help to give more transparency to the foreclosure process and hold the foreclosing parties more accountable for their actions.

Assembly Bill 284 is a response to robosignings, in which low-level employees of loan servicers signed affidavits that made incorrect claims about complicated matters. The people signing the affidavits often didn’t understand the documents or had not taken time to verify the facts. As a result, some houses have been wrongly foreclosed upon, analysts said. The bill requires a home mortgage lender to file documents when the lender sells a mortgage loan. The documents must be filed within 60 days in the county where the property is located according to the Review Journal.

This Bill has slowed down foreclosures, especially in Reno and Las Vegas where there is an abundance of foreclosures.  It really is a stall, keeping homeowners in their homes longer while the paperwork is retrieved.  This Bill will most likely stall foreclosures for the short term and then flood the market again once the banks ‘figure it out’.

The latest list for Incline/Crystal Bay is below.  These are the changes to the previous list .   For a complete list of foreclosures and distressed properties please visit us at http://www.solirealestate.com/foreclosuresandshortsales.html 



872 Tanager – Pinebrook #12, APN 132-57-004, Rec. 6/7/10 (Previously shown as REO as of 10/31/11)


595 N. Dyer, APN 124-082-20, TS#10-31350-FF-NV,  Rec. 6/17/11


NEW REO:  597 Ponderosa, APN 122-127-15, Rec. 8/24/11, U.S. Bank, 800 Brooksedge Blvd., Westerville, OH 43081 (Mistakenly shown as “Default Cancelled”)

SOLD (Removed from list)

807 Alder – Woodstock #16, APN 132-042-07, TS#NV09003315-10-1, Rec. 1/11/12 – Sold at Trustee’s Sale to third party for $120,000

1457 Glarus Ct., APN 126-550-04, Rec. 1/19/12, Northwest Properties Assoc, 2810  Sunset Rd. #5-167, Las Vegas, NV 89120 – Sold for $879,900

696 Village – Woodminster #15, APN 131-032-07, TS#NV-11-441501-CL, Rec. 1/20/12 – Sold at Trustee’s Sale to third party for $219,000


801 Tahoe Blvd. #3, APN 132-270-03, Rec. 12/13/11 (Recission of Trustee’s Deed) – TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON MON. 2/13/12 AT 11AM

810 Alder – Incline Manor #62, APN 132-030-62, TS#11-33466-BA-NV, NOD Rec. 9/30/11 – TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON TUES. 2/7/12 AT 11AM

989 Tahoe Blvd – Tahoe Racquet Club #67, APN 127-362-27, TS#3958 & 11-40656-WF-NV, NOD Rec. 8/12/09 & 4/25/11 – TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL MON. 1/30/12 AT 11AM

771 Randall, APN 125-253-07, TS#10-32338-WA-NV, NOD Rec. 3/30/11– TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL TUES. 2/28/12 AT11AM

968 Granite Ct., APN 128-060-08, TS#11-40523-WF-NV, NOD Rec. 3/10/11 – TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL TUES. 2/14/12 AT 11AM

853 McCourry,  APN 124-810-08, TS#11-0012901, NOD Rec. 2/22/11– TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL FRI. 2/10/12 AT 11AM

903 Jennifer, APN 125-361-04, TS#11-40199-WF-NV, NOD Rec. 2/2/11 – TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON MON. 2/6/12 AT 11AM

940 Wendy Ln., APN 131-133-06, TS#11-00420-3NV, NOD Rec. 1/27/11 – TRUSTEES SALE SCHEDULED ON THURS. 2/9/12 AT 11AM

635 Alpine View Dr., APN 131-212-12, TS#10-33357-WA-NV, NOD Rec. 12/22/10– TRUSTEES SALE POSTPONED UNTIL FRI. 2/10/11 AT 11AM


  1. […] Dwindling, the list is definitely dwindling.  With the passing of AB284 (demanding banks produce more paperwork) the foreclosures have come to an almost HALT.  The list is small, but will it stay this way or will be have another wave of foreclosures hit the market once the banks ‘figure it out’!  Click here for an update on foreclosures and shorts sales in the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Real Es… […]

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