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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | October 21, 2011

Incline Village Real Estate Market Statistics for September 2011

What happened to September?  Not only did it cruise right on through, what happen in the real estate market for the Incline Village Real Estate Market.  Each month we breakdown the numbers for you…number of active properties on the market, number of escrows for the month, how many properties sold etc.  WE break it down by housing category and further into price bands so if you are selling in a particular segment this information gives you appropriate information on that portion of the market, not just a generality.

For the Month of September 2011 the following was happening in Incline Village Real Estate…

Currently there are approximately 144 active condos on the market, 62 PUD-Planned Unit Developments or Free Standing Condominiums, 219 Single Family Homes and only 5 Investment Properties (not the hottest category over the last 2 years).  Where does this compare to last month and even the same time period for 2010???

Condo’s down -27% in active units over September 2010 and also down -13% over last month, August 2011

PUD’s up 10% in active units over September 2010 and up 6% over August 2011

Single Family Homes down -3% over September 2010 and also down -4% over August 2011

(Obviously the more inventory we have the better the Buyers Market and the less inventory the better the Sellers Market.  We are still in an EXTREME BUYERS MARKET with almost 2 years of inventory (average) in all price bands and categories.  OUCH!  We get into Absorption Rate a little lower…

Escrows for the month of September

28 new condo escrows this month, down -7% over September 2010 and up 4% over August 2011

3 PUD new escrows this month, up 33% over SEptember 2010 and even with August 2011

19 Single Family Homes escrows this month, down -37% over September 2010 and -26% over August 2011

Sales for the Month of September 2011

12 Condo sales up 8% over September 2010 and up 25% over August 2011

0 PUD sales down -100% over September 2010 and August 2011

12 Single Family Home sales down -42% over September 2010 and up 25% over August 2011

Year To Date Sales are down across the board…

78 Total Condo sales for 2011 YTD, down -4% over 2010

20 PUD sales for 2011 YTD, down -30% over 2010

73 Single Family Home sales for 2011 YTD, down -12% over 2010

0 Investment Property sales-infact there has not been a sale in this category for over a year and a half

Absorption Rates

Below is a link to detailed information absorption rates on various price bands for each category, but here is an average number for absorption rates.  What is an absorption rate?  It is basically taking the existing inventory and figuring out how long the market will take to absorb that inventory in the form of a sale.  Currently across the board the average absorption rate is almost 2 years.  That is a long time to sell your home!!!

Average condo absorption rate is 21 months, PUD’s 21 months and single family residences is 22 months.

To drill down to all the data and price bands, categories, etc. click here!

Want to know what is happening in the market for the 3rd quarter?  Check out the 3rd Quarter Real Estate Market Statistics.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in Incline Village and the surrounding area, visit us at www.SoliRealEstate.com .


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