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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | January 31, 2011

Incline Village Real Estate Market Update

It’s great to see our market keep the forward momentum despite the economy. It’s slow movement, but it is movement and in Real Estate that is GREAT news! For the week of January 24-30th the following was happening inside the Incline Village Real Estate Market…

Incline Village Real Estate New Listings…4 new condos, 2 PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) and 2 Single Family Homes hit the market this week for sale.  Condos…123 Juanita #1-92 listed for $499K, 872 Tanager #59 listed for $92,900 (good luck with one just closing at $57K), 931 Incline Way #234 for $550 (This is a stretch with other units in the complex at 2 bedrooms closing in the mid $300’s-low $400’s).  PUDs…700 College #18 listed at $349K and 789 Pinion Pine Way listed at $995K (that’s a big price tag!).  Single Family Homes…707 Golfers Pass listed for $499K as a short sale and 515 Spencer listed at $1,995,000.

Incline Village Real Estate Price Reductions…11 condos, 2 PUDs and 4 Homes reduced their prices for sale this week.  Condos…Of the condo price reductions the best deals would be 760 Northwoods now listed at $189K for new builds, yet moderate income housing so you cannot make more than $110K a year or at least you cannot tell anyone that you do!  820 Oriole (Royal Pines) has a few good deals now in the low $300’s for already remodeled, check out the link for details and 908 Harold (Fairway Pines) in the low $300’s is worth checking out.  866 Northwoods looks nice on the inside and now listed at $299K is worth exploring.   PUDs…IMO not worth talking about yet!  Single Family Homes…590 Jackpine is looking better with it’s new haircut on price to $1,299,000.

Incline Village Real Estate New Escrows…1 condo, 1 PUD and 4 Single Family Homes went into escrow this week.  Condos…760 Northwoods has several condos available yet with the new price reduction one is already gone baby gone.  PUDs…972 Fairway View Court #1 a bank owned property is already in escrow.  That did not take long for a great price on a nice free standing condo in Incline Village.  Single Family Homes…995 Lunar at $995K, 951 Divot at over $5Mil and 579 Ponderosa is back in escrow as a short sale at $550K and 818 McCourry is no surprise at $599 for a major remodel on a Boise Cascade style home.  Nicely done!

Incline Village Real Estate Properties Sold…2 condos and 1 single family home sold this week.  Condos…929 Northwood #2 sold for $710K in less than 38 days and 929 Northwood #127 sold for $530K.  Good week for Third Creeks Condominium sales.  Single Family Homes…455 Jill Court sold for $1,185,000 but it took 829 days to do it!

Incline Village Real Estate Rejected By the Market…4 condos and 6 single family homes were rejected by the market this week.  No surprises on this list.

For a complete list of properties available in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas, click here!

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