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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | July 5, 2010

Incline Village Real Estate Update Week of June 28th-July 4th

Happy 5th of July!  Well, summer has officially kicked off (it really one started about a week ago when the weather improved dramatically), but did the last week of June and First week of July burst in with new sales?  Some, but not a significant change.  Perhaps now that the hoopla of the 4th is behind us the Buyers will start coming out of the sand and concentrate on finding their home away from home.

Incline Village Real Estate New Listings…2 new condos, 2 new PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) and 14 single family homes hit the market this week.  999 Lakeshore came on at $800K, not a bad price for a nice complex on the water, however this unit does not have a lakeview.  Also, 123 Juanita, did anyone tell the seller that a larger, nicer, furnished unit just sold at $450K?  1136 Altdorf  Terrace looks like a pretty good deal at $697K.  862 Jeffrey is down to $480K for over 2400 sqft with garage, 712 James is on at $848K (what’s going on with James Lane…seems like the whole street is for sale!), 579 Dyer for $589K looks like a screamer fixer upper with only photos of the exterior, 845 Donna for over $2Mil also only has photos of the exterior…what’s wrong with the inside for over $2Mil???

Incline Village Real Estate Price Changes…16 condos, 1 PUD and 14 single family homes re-thought their pricing scheme.  192 Village came down to $599K (more in the realm of reality), another Forest Pines reduced to $495K (not enough as the last one sold was bigger, better and furnished selling at $450K) and 929 Southwood might as well give it away with the huge assessment lingering out there.  A Lake Country Estates just reduced to $1,080,000 (do you remember when they were going for $500K?), 730 Betty reduced to $399K…the lot is nice although it does back to the highway, but the home needs to be gutted or scraped and that is not cheap!

Incline Village Real Estate New Escrows…2 condos and 3 single family homes were the lucky recipients of accepted offers.  Okay, so just as I stated earlier 929 Southwood is setting the new price at $170K, not a bad deal even with the assessment at that price.  455 Lakeshore, who saw that one coming, looking forward to the close price.   562 Antler back in escrow, hope it stick this time and same for 517 Fairway.

Incline Village Real Estate Sales…4 condos and 3 single family homes transferred their homes with success this week.  Couer Du Lac closed at $429K this was Sulley Sullenberger’s old place, A Royal Pines closed for $355K (Ouch, it was a nice one too!), another Alpine Terrace for $278K and a Bitterbrush just under $400K.  610 2nd Creek finally closed after being in a record long escrow for $525 (I think they paid too much!) and 621 Tumbleweed scored big with this short sale at $649K for a beautiful home.

Incline Village Real Estate Market Rejects…2 condos and 3 single family homes were rejected by the market.  I’m not going to say it this week, if you have been reading this blog for sometime you know what I am thinking.  No surprises here!

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