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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | February 1, 2010

Inside the Incline Village MLS Week of January 25th-31st

Steady, steady, steady and yes…Incline Village Real Estate is moving.  Contrary to all the negative news you hear in the media, Incline Village continues to move real estate as buyer understand the turn in the market and sellers (real sellers) are still very reasonable about the market conditions.  For the week of January 25th-31st 2010, the Incline Village MLS reported the following activity:

New Listings:  1 Condo (this one won’t last long), 1 PUD (Planned Unit Development) and boy do we know this complex first hand as we are living there throughout the remodel on our home, 3 Single Family Homes  (really only one of these is new, one is a re-list and the other was a realtor changing from one company to another) and 1 Investment property hit the market.  Is timing good?  In our opinion it could not be better.  Why wait for the flood of inventory to hit the market in late Spring/Early Summer as there will be more competition?  If you are serious about buying or selling now is the time!!!

Price Changes:  This week 4 condos and 3 single family homes reduced their price having missed the mark the first time around.  Do these new prices indicate a quick future sale?  The Forest Pines at $249K seems like a pretty good deal, but the rest have not yet hit the ‘Hot Buy’ category.

New Escrows:  This week 4 condos went into escrow, all under $400K including 2 Mountain Shadows units.  Also, 3 single family homes went into escrow this week with one over $4Mil.

Sales for the Week:  This week 4 condos closed  (all GREAT deals on low end condos) and 1 Single Family Home was lucky enough to find a buyer.  This home was on the golf course and sold for $1.4Mil.  Not sure that was a Hot Buy either, but it shows that there is a house for every buyer.

Market Rejects:  Slow going this week with only 1 condo, 2 PUDs and 5 single family homes (one of these homes was withdrawn to move from one brokerage to another).

Want an updated ‘Hot Buy’ sheet?  Click here for the weekly updated spreadsheet!

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