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Posted by: Bruce & Sandy Soli | April 3, 2008

Best Buys Incline Village Week of April Fools

No, it’s no joke, there were 14 houses on tour this week.  Those of you that have been following the Best Buys know that that is a HUGE tour compared to the 2-3 we have been having for the past several weeks.  Having said that though, they were not all new, some were new to a different realtor, but previously listed for some time.  Some with new price tags and some just the same ole same ole.

Added to the list this week was 101 Red Cedar #4.  This Freestanding Condominium or PUD-Planned Unit Development was adorable.  When we arrived we thought the joke was on us for April Fools cause the price is soooo good.  I really would not expect this to be around for long.  There are 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and it even comes with a detached garage.  Seriously.  You have to walk a bit, but over a  cute little stream, up a winding path with Feng Shui Flower Pots at every turn (good Chi here).  The inside of the unit is quite nice too with the basement turned into extra living space and the master suite upstairs in almost a loft like atmosphere.  the square footage is nice too at 2617.

 A tear down was added to the list in Mill Creek at $894,500.  It did not make it on the list for price alone, but Mayhew is a quite street backing up to the stream zone (if you did tear down and rebuild here you would definitely want to make sure that the stream would not be an issue.  If you had a two story home, you could probably have a 3000+ square foot home (speculating here).  This street is deceiving cause in the Winter it looks so barren and lots of dead looking wood around, but in the Spring and Summer it’s a complete oasis, you would hardly recognize it.  If you are looking for a tear down or major remodel this could be a good one.

For a complete list of Best Buys click here…Best Buy List Week of 042108

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